“Tom Erickson”: An Experiment in an AI and Machine Leadership

Since Aug. 2019, the School of Computer, Data, and Information Sciences has been on the cutting edge of Artificial Intelligence research, development and implementation. So much so, that they let it call the shots. 

The Founding Director of CDIS, known as “Tom Erickson,” is actually an advanced experiment in machine learning. All of Erickson’s words, decisions, and background stories have been generated by AI technology. His face was also generated by computers, and his physical form is an advanced animatronic created by the UW-Madison Robotics Group. 

This experiment with artificial intelligence in executive decision-making has led to breakthroughs in the developing field of machine leadership. A study on the groundbreaking new field of machine leadership will be published in the coming months, and there is currently an AI-powered robot candidate for UW-Madison’s Chancellor position.

Happy April Fools’ Day!

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