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School of Computer, Data & Information Sciences

The School of Computer, Data & Information Sciences (CDIS) at the University of Wisconsin–Madison brings together the departments of Computer Sciences, Statistics, and the Information School to serve the computing, data and information needs of our ever-changing society. We leverage our strengths to produce cutting-edge, transformative research, educate leaders and critical thinkers, and accelerate innovation that tackles societal issues.

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CDIS Departments

Computer Sciences

Offering cutting-edge curriculum, informed by faculty research. This includes project-oriented courses in computer animation, architecture, databases, networking, operating systems, programming languages and compilers, and software engineering.

Information School

Educating professionals who bring together information in all its cultural forms and the people who need or want it. The iSchool contributes to individual and collective knowledge, productivity, and well-being and creates and disseminates knowledge about recordable information.


Offering programs and research in many areas that balance coursework in theory and practical applications, preparing students for careers in academia, industry, medical research, business, agriculture, and government. Graduate students focus in either statistics or biostatistics.