People and Robots Laboratory Featured in UW TV Spot

The School of Computer, Data & Information Sciences’s People and Robots Laboratory was featured in the new UW–Madison TV spot that debuted during this weekend. The 30-second commercial begins with “Welcome to the University of Wisconsin–Madison, purveyor of Midwestern values” spoken over black-and-white pictures from the past before switching to colorful shots of the current campus.

A robotic arm from Department of Computer Sciences Professor Bilge Mutlu’s People and Robots Laboratory is included with the value of “lending a helping hand” noted. The featured robot is only one of many that are part of the research in the laboratory, which is focused on enabling effective and intuitive interactions between people and robotic technologies and facilitating the successful integration of these technologies into human environments.

If you are interested in helping a helping hand in the lab, contact Professor Bilge Mutlu about research opportunities for both undergraduates and graduates.