CHTC Leads High Throughput Computing Demonstrations

Data Science for understanding science communication involves learning to use statistical methods (e.g., chi-square, analysis of variance, correlation and regression analysis, nonparametric tests) and computational methods (e.g., automated text analysis, computer vision) – all of which sometimes requires complex, time-consuming computing that surpasses the capacity of the everyday computer.

To meet this computing challenge, Chen enlisted the help of the Center for High Throughput Computing (CHTC) Lead Research Computing Facilitator Christina Koch in November 2022 for a demonstration for her class.

CHTC aims to bring the power of HTC to all fields of research, and to allow the future of HTC to be shaped by insight from all fields. Specifically, CHTC supports a variety of scalable computing resources and services for UW-affiliated researchers and their collaborators.

CHTC will join the rest of the School of Computer, Data & Information Sciences in the new building that opens in 2025.

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