CHTC Empowers Computational Materials Science Research

Groundbreaking research is in the works for the Computational Materials Group (CMG) at UW-Madison. Ajay Annamareddy, a research scientist within CMG, has been a leading user of GPU hours with the Center for High Throughput Computing (CHTC). He utilizes this capacity to run machine learning (ML) simulations as applied to material science problems that have gained tremendous interest in the past decade. CHTC resources have allowed him to study hugely data-driven problems that are practically impossible to deal with using regular resources.

CHTC aims to bring the power of HTC to all fields of research, and to allow the future of HTC to be shaped by insight from all fields. Specifically, CHTC supports a variety of scalable computing resources and services for UW-affiliated researchers and their collaborators.

CHTC will join the rest of the School of Computer, Data & Information Sciences in the new building that opens in 2025.

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