Artist Search Begins for CDIS Building’s Outdoor Art Installation

The School of Computer, Data & Information Sciences (CDIS) will commission art for the planter area outside of the northeast entrance to the new building opening in 2025. This is an exciting opportunity to make a creative impact on campus. Artists are encouraged to apply by October 27, 2022.

The prominent location will be viewable by community members both from the University Avenue and Charter Street and from elevated vantage points. The goal is to create a visual and physical invitation to join the CDIS community, which welcomes people from across the campus and world.  

The commissioned work can draw inspiration from multiple sources, including:

  • Technology & Innovation: CDIS works at the intersection of technology and humanity to solve society’s greatest challenges.
  • Architecture: The building’s architecture is infused with inspiration for the art installation that will stand at its entrance.
  • Nature: The art piece can reflect Wisconsin’s diverse landscapes, plants and seasons. Artists may have the opportunity to help select plants that surround the art installation. 
  • Badger Spirit: Whether jumping around, making breakthroughs in AI, volunteering in the community or starting a business – there’s not denying our spirit! 
  • Campus & Local Art: The artistic landscape of the campus, city and state is rich and this art installation will enrich it further.
  • Community: Alone isn’t where ideas thrive and the new building will bring people together from across the campus and globe. 
  • Sustainability: The building will set an example for sustainability and resilience considering both human and environmental ecologies. 

From the applications received on by October 27, 2022, semifinalists will be selected to propose an artwork specifically for the CDIS Building. They will need to craft a detailed proposal for an artwork including an itemized budget, scale models and renderings, timeline, and an in-depth project description. For this they will each be paid an honorarium of $5,000.

An overview of the process is available here. For the full details – including considerations for weather, scale, traffic, landscaping and lighting – please review CDIS Outdoor Art – Call for Applications (PDF).