App repairs student connections torn by pandemic

Atulya Reddy, a computer science major, and senior at UW–Madison, needed to make some decisions in fall 2020.  Registering for courses, she and her friends were nervous about their classes, which would all be taught remotely.

“We were really worried about going through these classes alone,” Reddy said, “because in our experience knowing other people in our classes has made all the difference.”

Reddy felt that one of the side effects of the pandemic was the absence of vital social learning that happens with in-person classes. They wanted to set themselves up for a productive academic year, where they could fully understand the content in their classes.

From there, Demic was born. Demic is an app created by students that facilitates academic support and social connection among UW–Madison students. About 800 students have already joined the app, which launched at the beginning of the semester.

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