Student Spotlight: Chloe Foor

Chloe Foor

A senior majoring in Computer Sciences, Information Sciences, and History, Chloe Foor x’24 is using her interdisciplinary education to study the human-centered aspects of technology.

Specifically, Foor hopes to increase accessibility of historical information.

“I can’t tell you how many library or archive websites I’ve been on that have been poorly designed, which might dissuade people from using it. Making sure that reliable historical information is readily available can help stop the spread of misinformation. Technology facilitates this accessibility both over the web and physical locations,” says Foor.

Foor says that these intersecting areas can also lead to new historical discoveries.

“Another reason why the intersection of history, information science, and computer science is important is because it can add new layers to historical analysis. By using data visualizations, mapping software, or other technologies, previously hidden historical correlations become apparent, leading to new discoveries about history,” says Foor.

Foor’s interdisciplinary majors have enabled her to study all her interests and make her own connections between them.

“I have been able to take classes in all of my interests, and even if there isn’t an immediate connection between them all, finding those connections is what makes the work worthwhile,” says Foor.

Foor says that she would encourage other students to pursue interdisciplinary majors.

“Worst case scenario, it doesn’t work out and you have to drop a major. Best case scenario, you get to spend time studying any, and all, of your interests,” says Foor.

Foor is one of many students in the School of Computer, Data & Information Sciences with multiple majors. The School of Computer, Data & Information Sciences was created with interdisciplinary students in mind, understanding the growing demand for expertise in computer science, data science, and information science in many professional landscapes.

Enabling interdisciplinary education, the new CDIS building will create a space where students can come together regardless of their major for collaboration and innovation and seeks to be a welcoming place for all Badgers across campus.

“As someone who usually gets a strange look when rattling off their majors, I think it’s super important to get an interdisciplinary education. Having a space like the CDIS building where you can be surrounded by others who also have interdisciplinary interests will be very encouraging to those who might be embarrassed of having interests across different subjects.”