Student Spotlight: Aaron Torres

After growing up seeing rapid advancements in technology, Aaron Torres x’24 wanted to work on solving technical problems that have an impact on a large scale.Aaron Torres

Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Torres is now a senior studying Computer Sciences and will begin his career as a software engineer after graduation.

“Back in high school I wanted to learn how to build mobile apps and websites, and I learned that people who work in those types of jobs typically pursue a computer science degree,” says Torres. “I chose UW-Madison because of its financial aid package and its highly respected Computer Sciences program.”

Torres would also like to participate in a mentorship program for Latinx students pursuing careers in computer science and technology.

“To me, being Latinx in computer science means breaking down barriers and representing my community in an area where we do not have representation,” says Torres. “It also means inspiring future generations to pursue opportunities in computer science and technology.”

Torres says he would encourage other Latinx students to pursue careers in computer sciences.

“I think that growing up in Hispanic immigrant households, you might be influenced to pursue medicine or law. However, pursuing a career in computer science provides many great opportunities to work on a variety of problems,” says Torres. “The field is constantly seeing new developments. If you want to work on challenging technical projects, then computer science is a great fit.”

Torres’s advice to students thinking about a STEM major? Try Computer Sciences.

“I think some of the skills you will pick up, like programming, will open an array of opportunities in whatever you do,” says Torres.

He also encourages other Latinx Computer Sciences students to join ColorStack at UW-Madison, a student organization whose mission is to increase the attraction, retention, and success of Black, Latinx, and Native American Computer Sciences majors.

“You will be able to talk to people who are Latinx and studying computer science and learn more about our experiences. We want to provide a welcoming community for all,” says Torres.

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