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Naming Opportunities

Naming Opportunities

Transform spaces into legacies

Morgridge Hall includes some incredible gift recognition opportunities, many of which are featured spaces that can be named in recognition of individual donors, companies or in honor of friends, family or mentors.

Naming a room in the Morgridge Hall presents a unique opportunity to turn spaces into lasting legacies, allowing you to intertwine your story or expressions of gratitude into its very fabric. Your story can be a tangible part of our footprint and the possibilities are endless.

Named spaces that inspire

Huddle Rooms $25K

Whether you're recognizing yourself or a visionary group, huddle rooms become a space where spontaneous discussions lead to groundbreaking ideas. Additionally, you have the unique opportunity to name consecutive rooms and build a shared legacy.

Team Rooms $50K

Imagine a team room pulsating with the energy of collaboration—named in honor of a group of friends or colleagues who share a vision. You also have the opportunity to name consecutive team rooms and leave a lasting impact with friends or family.

Meeting room rendering

Open Collaboration and Open Study Spaces $50K

Create a welcoming space for shared experiences in an open collaboration and study space named after yourself or someone you admire. A place where the spirit of togetherness thrives, fostering connections that transcend the ordinary.

Collaborative Space by Stairs on Lower Level

Lactation Rooms & Wellness Rooms $50K

Envision a lactation or wellness room adorned with a name that symbolizes care and inclusivity. Your contribution not only supports the physical well-being of individuals but also fosters an environment where everyone feels seen and valued.

Lactation room

Donor Wall Recognition

In addition to a named space in the building, gifts of $25,000 or more will be recognized on a donor wall situated in the Becky Blank Student Commons.

How to Give

Gifts can be made over a 5-year pledge period and fulfilled using a variety of assets, including cash, stock, crypto, and more. These are just a fraction of the opportunities for named spaces in Morgridge Hall. Additional opportunities include classrooms, student commons, labs, and more.

For more information on named spaces or to explore additional naming opportunities, contact Nick Jaeger.


The Badger Effect

In addition to named spaces, you can leave a legacy on the new building as part of The Badger Effect. Gifts of $2019 to the building will be recognized on a tile in this captivating art installation as a nod to the founding year of CDIS.

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More about the CDIS ecosystem


Our one-of-a-kind building welcomes individuals from across Wisconsin and beyond. Morgridge Hall’s distinct design creates a space where personal connections thrive and each person will be able discover a space that resonates with their individual passions.
Visualization of CDIS Ecosystems
CDIS Ecosystems
Home to our vibrant learning community, our building’s lower levels will welcome students from every corner of campus. With our spacious auditorium and flexible classrooms, students, regardless of their major, will actively participate in immersive learning.
Level 2 houses our dynamic student ecosystem, supporting the next generation of leaders and provide a dedicated space for our numerous student organizations to convene and store essentials. Our comfortable and inviting open study areas will foster learning and connection, alongside closed spaces designed for seamless collaboration.
Levels 3-7 will be the heartbeat of innovation, serving our research ecosystem and housing our cutting-edge research centers like the N+1 Institute, the American Family Data Science Institute, and the Center for High Throughput Computing. On these levels, faculty and students will sculpt the future, conducting groundbreaking research that will reshape the future of technology in Wisconsin.