2020 Faculty Hires

The spring of 2020 was a very exciting hiring season for CDIS. Our departments of Computer Sciences, Statistics and the Information School (iSchool) hired a total of 15 faculty. Coming from top institutions around the country these new faculty will accelerate research in important areas, extend our capacity to educate students and increase our contributions to the campus community, region and beyond.


Yea Seul Kim headshot Yea-Seul Kim

PhD: University of Washington
Research Areas: Human-computer interaction, visualization, and data science
Joining UW-Madison: Fall 2020


Yong Jae Lee

PhD: University of Texas-Austin
Research Areas: Computer vision, machine learning, and computer graphics
Joining UW-Madison: Fall 2021


Ming Liu headshot Ming Liu

PhD: University of Washington
Research Areas: Networking and systems
Joining UW-Madison: Fall 2021


Fred Sala headshot Fred Sala

PhD: University of California-Los Angeles
Research Areas: Machine learning, information theory, and data science
Joining UW-Madison: Spring 2021


Swamit Tannu headshot Swamit Tannu

PhD: Georgia Institute of Technology
Research Area: Quantum computer architecture
Joining UW-Madison: Spring 2021


Yuhang Zhao headshot Yuhang Zhao

PhD: Cornell University
Research Areas: Human-computer interaction, accessibility, augmented reality/virtual reality, and mobile interaction
Joining UW-Madison: Spring 2021



Ian Hutchins headshot Ian Hutchins

PhD: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Research Area: Science policy
Joining UW-Madison: Fall 2020


Corey Jackson headshot Corey Jackson

PhD: Syracuse University
Research Area: Human-computer interaction
Joining UW-Madison: Fall 2021


Jiepu Jiang headshot Jiepu Jiang

PhD: University of Pittsburgh
Research Areas: Search systems and conversational systems
Joining UW-Madison: Fall 2020


Chaoqun Ni headshot Chaoqun Ni

PhD: Indiana University-Bloomington
Research Areas: Gender disparities in science and scholarly communication in science
Joining UW-Madison: Fall 2020


Adam Rule headshot Adam Rule

PhD: University of California-San Diego
Research Areas: Clarity and reproducibility of data analyses
Joining UW-Madison: Fall 2021


Jacob Thebault-Spieker headshot Jacob Thebault-Spieker

PhD: University of Minnesota
Research Areas: Geographic and social biases in computing and crowdsourcing services
Joining UW-Madison: Fall 2020



Jessi Cisewski-Kehe headshot Jessi Cisewski-Kehe

PhD: University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Research Areas: Astrostatistics, topological data analysis, and approximate Bayesian computation
Joining UW-Madison: Fall 2020


Keith Levin headshot Keith Levin

PhD: Johns Hopkins University
Research Areas: Pattern recognition, graph inference, streaming and randomized algorithms, speech recognition and neuroscience
Joining UW-Madison: Fall 2020


Kris Sankaran headshot Kris Sankaran

PhD: Stanford University
Research Areas: Heterogeneous and high-dimensional data, data visualization, statistical and deep learning and data for the public good
Joining UW-Madison: Fall 2020