About CDIS

The School of Computer, Data & Information Sciences (CDIS) part of the College of Letters & Science at UW Madison brings together our top-ranked departments of Computer SciencesStatistics, and the Information School. CDIS was launched in late 2019 to serve the computing, data and information needs of our campus, region and society. CDIS harnesses our core strengths in research and education, to accelerate discovery, learning, and engagement related to computing, data and information. CDIS is motivated by the Wisconsin Idea that research, education, and outreach are critical for the future of the University, State, and beyond.


To be a preeminent center for discovery, learning, and engagement related to computing, data, and information sciences, educating students, creating knowledge, and contributing to the public good.


  • Contribute to the public good and enrich civil society through research, teaching, and outreach.
  • Educate responsible leaders, critical thinkers, and creative innovators.
  • Foster prosperity in our state, region, and the world.

Focus Areas

  1. Research – Supporting a wide variety of research endeavors particularly at the intersection of social and ethical aspects of computer and data sciences, and statistical computer/data analysis.
  2. Academics – Creating joint degrees and classes taking advantage of a  wide range of complementary expertise on forms of instruction and best practices.
  3. Inclusion – Addressing under representation and inclusivity problems in the STEM fields and bringing together diverse populations, points of view and approaches.
  4. Industry and donor engagement – Broadening collaboration and support providing opportunities for graduates as well as a larger resource pool to support research, academics, stakeholders and society at large.
  5. Visibility – Increasing the visibility of our departments, helping with faculty recruitment and efforts of overall advancement.